Buy GAP Coverage from a Car Dealer? STOP READ THIS!


This is how can you take just a little sting out of that new car payment.

Dealers will “build in gap coverage” right in to your new loan payment. However the cost through a dealer typically will cost you several, several times more than it would here at Allan Walker Insurance!

Just a few reasons why you should buy this coverage from Allan Walker:
1. Your GAP protection cost will be much less, saving you money $30.00 to $40.00 dollars per year*!
2. Not hundreds of dollars from the dealer
3. Your account manager will be here for you before, during and after should you have a claim
4. You will be able to talk to your TRUSTED Allan Walker Team Member when you need us most

So what is this GAP, Loan/Lease coverage anyway?

In the event of a covered total loss this coverage provides the difference between the actual cash value of an auto and the balance still owed on a qualifying loan or lease. If you purchased this additional coverage, we will pay off your bank’s auto loan or lease balance, should you have a covered total loss.

February is here and so are the great Presidents Day car sales! Should you be in the market for a new car and you would like more information about GAP coverage. Before you are about to score on that new great deal, please give one of our talented account mangers a call 508-824-5857 with any questions or concerns.

*Call us for all the details on GAP coverage and how we can better protect you, your new auto insurance policy or truck insurance policy.

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