Cyber Security for Your Home


Smart phones, Smart Tv’s, and now Smart Homes!!
We are connected everywhere now more so than ever. Remember when we all thought we were cool just texting on our phones?!
Our lives are more connected now than ever and it happened so fast.

Our homes are more connected than ever before with just a click. A virtual assistant is here to help just ask. Hey Google or hey Siri find this or do that! Entertainment systems, household appliances, A refrigerator that can remind you that you are out of milk for crying out loud!!

Doors, lights and thermostats all make our lives easier through a multiple of connections being wired and wireless. We all love the new gadgets however the more we add to “make our lives easier” the more we are opening ourselves to a wide range of new cyber risks and attacks.We hear about Data Breach and see Cyber Attacks on the news every day…..

These are just a couple places that we are now being attacked through Cyber Attacks:
Our computers: get an unknown virus the dreaded BLUE screen!
Cyber extortion: Someone blacks out your computer and demands ransomware money to restart and restore all your files

Your homeowners policy, condominium policy and renters insurance policy can now protect you against Home Cyber Attacks. Please stop in today or call 508-824-5875 and let us add Cyber Protection to your policy.

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We can add a Cyber Home Protection to your policy. Please don’t wait call or e-mail today! Cyber attacks can happen at any time so don’t delay contact one of our Cyber protection team members today!


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