Hurricane Season 2014: The Busiest Time Is NOW!


Even though the experts are calling for a “slower” than normal hurricane season it seems things just may be starting to heat up. According to NOAA “It’s been a slow hurricane season so far this year, but things might be heating up in the tropics.

So far, 2014 has seen only three named storms, including Hurricane Cristobal, and another tropical depression that really isn’t worth mentioning. While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is running 121 percent above average in accumulated cyclone energy, the Atlantic has only seen 70 percent of its average activity so far this year.

But August and September are typically the months when Atlantic hurricane activity tends to go into overdrive, as the number of tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa increases. Sea surface temperature also reaches its peak in September, and wind shear, which is detrimental to hurricanes, is relatively low. Technically, September 10 is the average peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic.”

Wind storms, potential wind losses and heavy rain which could lead to flooding for all of us who live in the north east. We may be about to leave the 2014 hurricane season behind, however the Nor Easters are just around the corner!

Hurricanes and super storms losses have occurred where “we never thought that would happen..” throughout all of New England including flooding like we have never seen before.

Did you know that just about all Homeowners Insurance policies carry a number of different deductibles? Such as standard deductibles, wind storm deductibles, named storm deductibles and hurricane deductibles. These all have a impact of the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket before your policy kicks in to pay. If you are not sure what deductible you have or you would like to check on the deductible differences please call Kerry, Cindy or Sue on our Home Insurance team for more information.

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