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With the cost of gas on the rise and the summer vacation season about to start at times we try to get the most out of each tank of fuel. And why not; it’s expensive! However there may be consequences should you run out of fuel or get too low. We are always on the go, work, errands, school activities, sports and even going out for entertainment once in awhile. Did you know that over the course of all of this driving dirt and other foreign particles and even rust can accumulate in the bottom of your gas tank? Here is the problem with running your fuel tank too low.

Getting that low on fuel enhances your chances that your gas line is going to deliver to your engine fuel that may have a lot of dirt or other nasty stuff in it. It may not bother your engine per say because we are hoping that any nasty’s get caught in the filter. It is when it does not get caught that can lead to problems. Such as fuel injectors not working properly because they are getting clogged and dirty. This will also affect your fuel mileage and engines performance and that result will lead to more trips to the gas station for yet another fill up.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as we try to get the most out of our tanks of gas:

  • If a driver continues to drive as close to the bottom of the tank as possible, it could lead to costly repair jobs like fuel injectors, or a malfunction in the fuel pump. Now most pumps are located in the gas tank itself and this is a very costly repair to have done.
  • Dirt or other “stuff” in the tank may clog the filters. Expensive again.
  • Worse case is that a driver runs out of gas or a low fuel level clog starts to act up and blocks fuel, a driver may be on a country road, in the middle of a city, in the middle of the night or way out on 495…

A few helpful tips to help avoid some problems:

  1. Keep at LEAST a quarter of a tank of fuel in your vehicle.
  2. If you know you have a long trip coming fill up before heading out. Life is busy do it now because we all know how this plays out, I meant too and now I am stuck in traffic running on empty! (Good tune by the way!) However don’t let it happen to you!
  3. DO NOT Rely on your car to tell you how many miles you have left. You may have more miles on a flat road but throw in some hills and that mileage will change very quickly.
  4. If you are getting close or to the point you’re thinking about stopping for fuel, DO IT! Even though you may be holding out for a few pennies better deal at the pump, those few pennies may cost much more in the long run in the way of costly repairs.

Have this conversation with all of your drivers within your household and at work.

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Be safe everyone!

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