Polar Vortex Cold Is On It’s Way To Our Town!


We all knew winter was going to hit us at some point! Well here it comes with the cold!
Temperatures are supposed to plummet tonight and for the next few days. We all know the drill as we are Spartans here in New England!
However like the Scouts we should be prepared!
Here are some helpful reminders for when it turns cold:
*Turn up your heat be sure your house in warm throughout.
a little more heat can save thousands in burst pipes.
*Protect pipes that go through unheated areas with insulation
*Know where your water shut off valve is in case of emergency locate it today
*Leave your interior doors open to help heat circulate throughout your home this will help with the cold.
*Disconnect outdoor hoses and store them away if you have not already.
*Block drafts underneath doors and around windows
*If your couch is blocking the radiator move it out a little so more heat can circulate . May be a good time to rearrange the room ha ha!
*Close the curtains!
*May be a good time to just stay in and read a book by the fireplace or wood stove,(as long as they have been inspected and cleaned) until it warms up just a bit….I am sure watching the Superbowl will keep you warm also!

Also you can check the weather here!
Finally ,

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