Summer Vacation and Driving-LOOK OUT!


July started off the long awaited summer this past weekend with our first heat wave. Good ol New England did not disappoint us once again with high 90’s forecasted right through the July 4th Holiday.

Now that we are in vacation mode here are a few reminders as you hit the road:

Look Out #1


Be sure your trailers are still ready for the road after a long winter nap. Check your tires, bearings, frames and be sure you received your new trailer registration. Along with this will be your new registration sticker for your license plate. Need help your registration? Please call Allan Walker @508-824-5875 we will glad to get help and get you “on the road again” ! Thanks Willy!

Look out #2

road crew

Work crew

Now that summer is here so aren’t all those work crews repairing and fixing our roads! Please give way and move over for the Police and the road crews.

Look Out #3


Ahh the open road! Great weather brings out all kinds of people enjoying the roads. Motorcycles , cyclists, walkers, joggers and runners.

Check twice ,,,better yet check three times! at times it is difficult to see everyone on the road. Look around and be aware of who is on your left, right, front and back. Slow down it just may save a life!

Look out #4

EVERYONE is on their phone. They are not paying attention to where ther are OR who is around them. One step off the sidewalk and before you know it they are right there in front of you!

Watch out for the distracted walker, jogger, runner and driver.

The reality is summer is the deadliest time of year for all drivers, especially teen drivers, because of the things mentioned above. Please put the phone down don’t text and drive arrive alive and enjoy your summer!

Distracted driving

Teen crashes

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