This is it ! WINTER IS COMING!


1st Winter Storm reminders:
1) No your all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive will not work on ice.
2) Slow down, so you arrive 10 minuets later. At least you arrived safely.
3) Please don’t text and drive. This goes for good weather as well as bad no matter the time of year. #Eyesonthestreetnotthetweet
4) Check your windshield wipers
5) Winter washer fluid, top it off for those salty roads
6) Leave even more room between vehicles to allow for stopping
7) If you don’t have to drive stay inside till it is over and roads are clear
8) Let the plows do their job give them plenty of room
9) Keep your cell phone charged in case of emergency
10) Clean all of your windows of snow and ice so you can see all around you.

Be safe out there everyone!

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