Start Your Engines – The Low Number Plate Lottery Has Begun!

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There is no fee to enter the annual RMV Low Number Plate Lottery

Agency Checklists, MA Insurance News, Mass. Insurance News In what has become a summer tradition on Agency Checklists, it’s time to remind the Massachusetts insurance industry that the Low Number Plate Lottery has begun!

We love this annual summer contest, because it is such an easy and economical way to reach out to your insureds across the Commonwealth each year and to help them get a great prize for free. This year’s low plate lottery, which officially began on Friday June 19, 2017, will run until August 25, 2017.

“The low plate lottery is our customers’ favorite annual event at the Registry,” said Registrar Erin Deveney. “After such an overwhelmingly positive response last year and an increase in applications, we are happy to continue to offer our customers a streamlined online application process for submissions. Our low plate lottery is just one example of improved and expanded online Registry options for our customers. We encourage all entrants to continue to skip the stamp and enter the lottery electronically at

All applicants should be aware that while there is no fee to enter the contest, any or all winners are required to pay a registration fee for the plate.
The RMV has seen increasing participation in the annual contest over the past few years

According to the Registry, there are 162 low number license plates available this year, twenty-one fewer than in 2016 when 183 plates were available. While there are fewer license plates up for grabs this year, the Registry has seen an increase of entry applications over the past couple of years. In 2016, the Registry received an estimated 8,600 applications for the 183 plates available, approximately 2,600 applications more than in 2015.
The RMV can now accept both online and mailed entry forms

As it first announced last year, the Registry also is now able to accept both online entry forms as well as applications that are sent by U.S. mail. For those interested in filling out a paper application a copy of the application can be downloaded here. Applications are also available at RMV service center locations throughout the Commonwealth. Be sure to remember that applications sent by mail must be postmarked by August 25, 2017 in order to be entered into the drawing.

Online entries also must be completed by the August 25th deadline. Interested applicants can access the link to fill out the form online here. Later this summer, the Registry will send out notifications via email for the date, time, and location of the 2017 Low Plate Lottery Drawing. By law, the Registry must announce all of the winners by September 15th.
Two three number plates and 8888 are among the list of available low number plates in 2017

For those interested in seeing what plates are available this year, the following is a complete list of the low number license plates available for 2017.
529 2791 4455 6387 7674 9313 35G 96D G81 U25
571 2793 4573 6402 8015 9340 39U 97V H18 U60
1046 2861 4706 6545 8019 9341 41X 98M H39 V59
1330 2908 4726 6638 8024 9345 48E A17 H76 W52
1637 3194 4875 6798 8025 9614 53L B6 H98 X1
1702 3268 4886 6867 8077 9687 53Y B51 J96 Y61
1703 3287 4910 6913 8146 9824 62P B73 K71 Y67
1834 3320 5186 7020 8195 9960 65V B81 M88 Z26
2123 3396 5471 7129 8306 9969 68D C7 N25 Z81
2142 3512 5571 7178 8403 6F 69A D54 P68
2155 3534 5694 7214 8426 8J 72Q D58 P69
2245 3548 5769 7344 8715 24Z 76Y E15 P72
2264 3612 5879 7430 8729 28D 81R E63 P85
2436 3691 6051 7487 8817 29H 82T E93 Q35
2480 4176 6093 7493 8888 32V 83D F76 R33
2560 4208 6252 7579 8979 33E 91J G3 R56
2567 4269 6300 7591 9192 34F 93P G37 T16

Good luck to all!

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