WOW 3 Hurricanes in a row!


I believe that we are only half way through this current hurricane season with Irma being number 9 out of 21 named storms. So far in the north east have dodged these devastating storms. However I think it has opened our eyes to what could happen and yes it could happen here.I can’t even imagine…evacuating or being a part of that devastation that took place in the Island’s, Texas and now Florida.

Now is the time for us to rethink just how prepared we are should a storm head our way.

Just so Happens that September is “Emergency Preparedness Month”.

If we prepare now and slowly build our “hurricane or storm kits” we can beat the rush. We won’t have to deal with empty shelves, a run on the gas stations as long as we make an effort now.

Check out what this is all about here:

Here is another resource to take a look at.
This has smart phone apps, wireless emergency alerts, Twitter and Facebook connections for MEMA.

Take a walk around your home and make a list of what may need to be done. Do what you can however call in an expert for things that may be beyond your expertise. Starting now will take the panic out when and if a storm does comes this season, which by the way runs from June 1st thru November 30th.

That’s the official hurricane season time line but we all know that here in the north east we have those little storms know as the Nor’easter’s that are sometimes worse!

Your homeowners policy will cover wind loss however there are two types of deductibles that just about every homeowners policy has. One is a wind deductible, and the other a named storm deductible. One, named storm deductible, carries a higher percentage deductible should there be a loss.

If you have not contacted us just to go over what type of deductible you have NOW would be the time. Give one of our personal lines account mangers a call to discuss what the difference is and how it may affect you. 508-824-5875

What type of deductible does your homeowners insurance policy have? This is what we are here for!

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors Since 1847” Our 170th Year!

The National Weather Service has excellent information on how to prepare.
• Assemble disaster supplies
• Make a hurricane written plan
• Secure an insurance check up {Call Allan M Walker 508-824-5875}
• Develop an evacuation plan
This is where this information is located

With Summer also came many home projects. Be sure to let us know what your improvements are going to be or what you have done. An addition, a new garage, kitchen, pool or a new deck whatever it may be. This is an exciting time but don’t wait until the news forecaster says the storm will be here tomorrow to call us! At this time it just may be too late to add protection for that new improvement or project….. Ask us why……508-824-5857

One last thought is that FLOOD IS NOT A COVERED LOSS under the homeowners policy!! We can provide that coverage however it takes 30 days to go into effect as flood is written as its own policy!! Just about all flood losses occur away from oceans and rivers!!!

Take Care everyone and please contact or give us a call with any questions!
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Since 1847
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